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According to The Advocates, students enrolled in private high schools are almost 50% more likely to take AP or IB courses related to math or science topics compared to students enrolled in public schools. The best private school near you will offer AP courses because there are key benefits associated with taking and passing these types of courses for students who plan to go to college. Let’s dive into three crucial advantages to consider for your child.

You Can Earn College Credits or Skip College Introductory Courses By Passing AP Courses

One of the biggest benefits associated with AP courses is that they allow individuals who passed these courses and the AP test associated with it to either bypass introductory courses in college or to obtain college credits for the class, depending on the specific subject and the private school itself. This is key because new college students can spend a lot of time taking introductory courses just to check boxes to earn their degree. Having these courses completed and out of the way allows your student to focus on the college courses that will be more useful to them and the degree they want to earn.

AP Courses Are Significantly Less Expensive Than College Courses

The other major benefit associated with AP courses is that these courses are significantly less expensive compared to taking the same course in college. Being able to take as many AP courses helps your college student save money and possibly graduate early!

AP Courses Prepare Students for College-Level Classes

On top of the monetary benefits, taking AP courses in high school is an excellent way for students to prepare for college-level classes. AP classes require a great amount of discipline to complete, as they are rigorous and follow a timeline throughout the school year. Your high schooler will learn how to manage their time, develop better study habits, and work with peers on larger-scale projects, which are all fantastic skills to bring into college!

The best private school will offer AP classes, also known as advanced placement courses, in a number of subjects, including English, math, science, history, social sciences, foreign languages, and computer science. Reach out to local private schools to learn more about the AP courses they may offer your student today!

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