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Online Summer Study Course 2021

Get a head start to the new school year!

Summer is the perfect time to review and reinforce concepts to prepare for the new school year.  Our focus will be on supporting individual progress through daily assignments.

★ Choose and build your own online summer study course (Language & Literature, Maths, and Science)

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General Information

  • All courses are one-hour daily, Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 12 pm.
  • Each session is two-weeks long
  • Open for for grades 5th – 12th
  • Courses will utilize Microsoft Teams. Links will be sent via email before the start of each session.
  • Content for repeating courses are identical across sessions. (i.e. not continual from session 1 to 3.)
  • Registration is on a first-come first-serve basis.

Session Dates

  • Session 1: June 21st – July 2nd
  • Session 2: July 12th – July 23rd
  • Session 3: August 2nd – August 13th

Summer Course Fee

  • $200 per course per session
  • All payments will be deducted via ACH and will automatically be withdrawn from your designated account. A completed ACH form is due at time of registration.
  • All courses are non-refundable and non-transferable unless the course is cancelled.
  • After submission all changes are based on space availability and will incur a $30 processing fee.

Course Schedule

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Course Descriptions

Language & Literature

[6th-11th Gr.] Creative Writing – Instructor: Alisa Kathol
Session 1 @ 10am / Session 3 @ 9am

Does your child love to read and write creative stories and/or poems? In this course, students will explore and learn to write in the various forms of creative writing, including fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. Join and allow your child to follow their creativity to produce original works of writing!

Max 12

[7th-11th Gr.] Essay Writing & Analyzing Text – Instructor: Alisa Kathol
Session 3 @ 10am

We will review materials intended to improve your ability to analyze prose, interpret metaphors and reinforce terminology used to discuss literary texts.  We will focus on how to properly develop evidence from a literary work to create a thesis/claim.  We will review literary devices and examine ways to best annotate when reading pieces of writing.

Max 13


[5th-6th Gr.] Maths for Incoming 5th-6th WPS Students – Instructor: Kenta Sueyoshi
Session 1 @ 9am / Session 2 @ 9am

This course will prepare incoming WPS 5th & 6th grade students for the coming school year. The focus will be on number theory, calculations, and problem solving. This course will differentiate between advanced maths for incoming 5th grade students and pre-requisite maths knowledge for incoming 6th grade students.

Max 15

[5th-11th Gr.] Logical Thinking – Instructor: Kenta Sueyoshi
Session 1 @ 11am – FULL / Session 3 @ 11 am

A logical thought process is something that is necessary in all fields of study. Whether it be in math, science, or English, being able to logically explain your thoughts in an organized manner is crucial. Enhance your logical thinking skills through word problems, statements, math problems, proofs, and puzzles. Although under the math category, this course will require a fair amount of writing.

Max 15

[9th-12th Gr.] Calculus – Instructor: Kenta Sueyoshi
Session 2 @ 11am

The focus will be on three important concepts of Calculus: limits, derivatives, and integrals. Students will start the course by learning the calculation required for finding limits, derivates and integrals and end by applying concepts to real world examples and making connections to physics. This course can prepare students for the DP math courses.

Max 15


[5th-8h Gr.] A Journey into Neuroscience – Instructor: Keith Runyan
[5th-6th Gr.] Session 3 @ 10am
[7th-8th Gr.] Session 3 @ 9am

Take summer time to dip into the brain and the biology that underlies cognition and mind as we know them! With a brief intro into neurons, electrochemical signaling, and cellular biology, this course will build towards an understanding of how neurons code information – using the retina as a case study. Students will build on this knowledge to design their own artificial neural networks – learning algorithms! We’ll finish the course by reflecting on the limitations of scientific methodologies in exploring the phenomenology of mind.

Max 15

[6th-11th Gr.]Astronomy and the Physics of Light– Instructor: Margaret Jensen
Session 2 @ 10am

Explore the Cosmos using the physics of light! Astronomers use light to study most of the objects in the known universe. Learn how an object’s emissions of light can tell an object’s temperature, velocity, size, distance, age, and even its composition. We will begin with the basics of waves, properties of light, color, spectroscopy, and the doppler effect; and build towards how light is used to measure distances, velocities, the rate of the expansion of the universe, and even find exosolar planets! Students will apply their knowledge of light to some real world applications including light pollution.

Max 15


Willows Preparatory School Office: info@willowsprep.com

Virtual Coffee Social with Founder Yuka Shimizu and Principal Matthew Lippart @ 9:30 am
WPS Online Open House (5th - 12th Gr.) @ 6 pm
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