High School

Building and Facilities

Building and Facility Logistics


  • Square Footage
    • Basement level: 3918 ft2
    • Ground level: 9832 ft2
    • Second floor: 5796 ft2
    • Rooftop terrace: 3512 ft2 (388 people)
  • Maximum capacity
    • 796 people for all permitted areas
  • Building spaces
    • 13 general classrooms
      • 560 sq. ft. average space
    • Five specialized rooms
      • 1000 sq ft science lab
      • Future classroom with four simultaneous panoramic projectors
      • Media room designed for audio and video recording
      • Two daycare spaces for ages 2.5 to 4 years old
      • School store with wood dividing wall
    • Outdoor locations
      • Daycare playground
      • Ground level plaza
      • West building wrap-around deck

Green School Initiatives (Carbon Footprint)


  1. Solar panels along the northwest corner of the campus offset ~10%, or 20,000 Kilowatt Hours, of annual power consumption.
  2. Every room has a built-in thermostat to accurately display ambient temperatures to pair with high efficiency computer-controlled heating & cooling.
  3. All light fixtures in the buildings are LED, using 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs of the same illumination. Sensors are located throughout the building to ensure all lighting is off in unoccupied spaces. Lighting controls on the walls in every room are wireless and computer programmable.
  4. Main restrooms contain water conservation toilets/urinals as well as automatic water conservation faucets.
  5. The buildings use a tankless water heater system, avoiding storage and maintenance of 50 gallons of water at any time.
  6. Each building level implements filtered water fountains and water bottle filling stations to reduce dependence on disposable plastic water bottles.


Twenty WiFi access points, with public announcement integration, blanket the two buildings to ensure perfect connectivity. Fiber optic cabling to the existing Willows building helps to save on costs.  Current connections are rated at 500 Mbps transitioning to 1 Gbps service.  The combined campuses currently service approximately 160 devices at any given time. Every classroom also will have a ceiling mounted high-definition projector with wireless capabilities. Main entrances are equipped for keycard access. This same integrated access is standard across all campuses.

Future Classroom

Future Room

With the help of international technology companies Uchida and Avidex, we present our “Future Classroom” for our school.  Using the latest technology, a series of four projectors are integrated to provide 180 degrees of classroom projection.

  • Up to 16 computers can present their materials simultaneously
  • High Definition video conferencing around the world
  • A sensory-immersing learning environment
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