School History

BCA opened as an elementary school in 1999 with only nine students.
For the 2014 – 2015 school year, we have an anticipated enrollment of over 700 students.

Bellevue Children's Academy began as a tutoring center in 1992 as the After-School Learning Center. BCA opened as an elementary school in 1999 with only nine students. For the 2014 - 2015 school year, we have an anticipated enrollment of over 700 students. All of our teachers are certified by the State of Washington. Many have earned Masters Degrees, and are all specialists in their subject areas.

The school's founder's children attended the local gifted program, but its accelerated curriculum for all students raised questions and concerns. Instead, Bellevue Children’s Academy provides an enriched and challenging curriculum that focuses on developing critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

The school's founder also did not agree with the "new math" curriculum provided by the local school district to her children. Instead, Bellevue Children’s Academy provides a traditional math curriculum that challenges students to think and problem-solve only after having mastered the necessary foundations.

While educators continue to debate between a "phonics-based curriculum" and a "whole-language based curriculum," Bellevue Children's Academy uses both approaches in a sequential progression.

We attribute our success to our curriculum that can be adapted to each student's ability and potential; small class sizes taught by teachers who specialize in their areas of expertise; the support and encouragement of our parents; and our commitment to the education, social development, and well-being of each child. We are proud of our on-going commitment to academic achievement and success for all students.


It is our mission to help each student maximize his or her potential by focusing on
individual needs and establishing a positive atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

At Bellevue Children’s Academy, we strive to provide a comprehensive education for our students. We see the importance of a warm and nurturing environment where students are challenged and pushed to their highest potential.

We offer a coordinated curriculum that builds sequentially from grade-to-grade. Our integration of a multitude of teaching methods and resources has enabled us to encourage creativity, independent thinking, goal orientation, self-confidence, and a quest for personal excellence in each student. Teachers and staff members fully participate in the education and school life of students, enabling strong relationships and community ties.


Every aspect of our school – from our teacher/student ratio, to our challenging curriculum, to our warm and nurturing environment – is guided and defined by our goals:

  • To encourage creativity, independent thinking, goal orientation,
    self-confidence, and the quest for personal excellence.

  • To maintain an educational environment that promotes high expectations and provides students with the means to achieve them.

  • To offer an individualized, challenging curriculum where learning is not limited to grade level.

  • To offer multicultural academic methods and resources to meet each student's needs and utilize their strengths.

  • To remain on the leading edge of elementary education by continually assessing our academic programs.


Bellevue Children’s Academy offers a unique, high standard curriculum.

International High Standard

To meet the needs that will arise in our children’s futures, our curriculum is set against international standards, not state standards. The founder of Bellevue Children’s Academy is aware of the differences in education systems and curriculum among countries around the world, especially those that achieve high academic success compared to the United States.

A Strong Foundation

At Bellevue Children’s Academy our primary focus is on providing each student with a solid foundation in core subjects based upon traditional teaching methods and curricula. We do not follow trends. In Pre- Kindergarten and Kindergarten, our focus is on the facets of learning such as memory, quantitative skills, logical strategy, and concentration. First and Second graders build on these skills and begin to think more critically and analytically. First through Eighth Grade students apply their problem solving and reasoning skills to all aspect of the curriculum, from math to their reading of literature. Creative writing is emphasized throughout the school year, for all grades.

Sequential Goals

Sequential goals and repetition are important for academic success. Many concepts, skills, and topics are continued and repeated in greater depth each year. This method allows students to learn new material easily, while retaining what they learned in previous lessons. Each subject is covered in its entirety.

Specialist Classes

Art, Music, P.E., Spanish, Drama,
and Computers

All students participate in specialist classes each week, taught by teachers who specialize in their area of expertise. Students learn Spanish, the joys of physical fitness, and keyboarding and computer skills. Original works of art are proudly displayed in our annual Art Show. The student’s musical and drama skills are best showcased in our yearly Student Musical Performance.