Value of Education

The Value of a Willow Prep Middle School Education

Middle school is a critical period for the development of leadership, self-advocacy, resilience and the ability and desire to be a life-long learner. The committed faculty and staff at Willows Prep act in concert to create well-rounded, high-achieving students, and approach this unified purpose with joy, creativity and flexibility.

A superior academic program is complemented and supported by a well-developed Advisory Program that provides each child with a mentor; a physical education and sports program that enables students to develop life-long habits of wellness; a deep, varied and integrated approach to the arts that offers opportunities for exploration and growth; and an emphasis on leadership and responsibility that more than prepares our graduates to excel at the high schools of their choice. Small class sizes, a thorough, research-based understanding of learning styles and a commitment to differentiation allow students at Willows Prep to achieve personal excellence in core areas. Students, families and staff are encouraged to celebrate their diversity as an integral part of the School community, and differences in backgrounds and outlooks provide exercises in conversation and learning.

While Willows Prep is traditional in that we ascribe to a philosophy and purpose of helping to develop well-rounded young people who value and pursue learning. The School thoughtfully utilizes the latest technologies as part of this process and seeks to create meaningful connections to an increasingly interconnected world.

Celebrating Diversity and Promoting Inclusion

An intentional element of a Willows’ Prep education is that our students are encouraged to appreciate uniqueness in oneself and in each other. Our commitment to learning extends far beyond the pages of the books that we read or the equations that we solve. It includes equally a commitment to learning about each member of the School community with whom we live and explore. The collective voices that make up our conversations, both inside and outside of the classroom, offer daily exposure to global perspectives that expand the awareness in ways that academic material cannot.

At Willows, diversity encompasses a spectrum of racial and ethnic ancestry, culture, socioeconomics, religion, primary language, sexual orientation, country of origin, interests, talents, and aspirations. A diverse and inclusive community strengthens our school and all who are part of it (students, faculty, staff, administrators, parents and extended family).

By sharing what they bring to this community and learning from others whose gifts to the community vary from their own, our students are appreciated and enriched. As our students are empowered to be authentic, they are free to discover the common bonds they share with peers and faculty. This agility will strengthen their experience at Willows and in what follows.

Graduation @ 7 pm
Thespian Induction Ceremony 7 pm
Theatre Performances (5A, 5C, 5E) 6-8 pm