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Children worldwide have had an extremely long break from school for the most part. It is therefore important to help them get back to school and embrace the academic system so that they can carry on well. If you need help with a few reading tips to help your children, we’ve outlined some below for inspiration.

Read With Them

For at least 15 minutes every day, purpose to read aloud with them. This should be a book that your child enjoys reading. Be present while reading and let them know that you enjoy reading with them, so they don’t view it as a chore or a boring event. This will set them on a good foundation and prepare them for a successful start to the school year whether they’re entering their first year or not.

Set Achievable Goals with Them

As the school year is due to start, discuss with them what they would like to accomplish by the end of it. You should start the habit early enough so that they get used to it. For instance, if your child struggles with spelling or reading, you could help them come up with a strategy to help them improve during the school year.

Start Their Days Well

To make sure that they are best equipped to deal with what the day hands them, make it a habit to get them to bed early so they get enough restful sleep. When they wake up, serve them a healthy, nutritious breakfast to give them the energy they need to face the day and stay as active as they can. Remember too that play is an important part of a child’s learning and development.

Enroll Them in A Good School

A private school plays a major role in the ease with which a child can learn. The parents of 80% of the students enrolled in a private religious school in 2011 – 2012 said they were very satisfied with the school their child went to, alongside 82% of those with children in other private schools. This is compared to parents of 56% of students enrolled in public schools to which the children were assigned and 62% of those in public schools chosen by the parents.

The importance of reading in children’s development cannot be ignored. It is therefore your duty as a parent to ensure that they are well set up in a private school.

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