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At WPS, we nurture a rich depth of knowledge, laying a solid foundation for lifelong learning and growth.

Willows Prep offers students a journey into a world of intellectual challenge and discovery. Each core subject is meticulously crafted to stimulate their curiosity, bolster critical thinking, and ignite a lifelong passion for learning.


Core Subject Areas


and Literature

At Willows Prep, our English Language Arts curriculum immerses students in the multifaceted world of language and literature, celebrating both its practical utility and artistic beauty. Here, students not only learn about language – they become architects of it.

Our course of study encourages learners to delve into the nuances of language choices, literary forms, and contextual elements, illuminating their significant roles in crafting meaning. This journey leads students to question, interpret, and engage with a variety of texts, embracing diverse perspectives. This process fosters a deep understanding of how cultural beliefs shape interpretations, encouraging students to navigate and negotiate the rich tapestry of meanings in texts.


Our Mathematics curriculum takes students beyond numbers and equations, revealing the profound connections between math, technology, and a spectrum of diverse fields. We focus on mathematics as a vital tool for understanding and engaging with our data-driven world.

Our approach prioritizes context, honing in on practical applications and mathematical modeling. Students are challenged to tackle real-world problems, construct solutions using mathematical principles, and interpret outcomes through the lens of disciplines like calculus and statistics.

In the process, students cultivate robust technological and computational abilities, fostering a problem-solving mindset. This holistic understanding empowers our learners to appreciate the harmony between theoretical and practical concepts in mathematics.


In our Science courses at Willows Prep, curiosity drives discovery. Our approach centers on fostering an environment of inquiry, encouraging students to engage with scientific phenomena independently and collaboratively. This process of exploration, spanning research, observation, and experimentation, bridges the gap between scientific principles and everyday experiences.

Students delve into real-world applications of science, exposing the intricate interplay between scientific advancements and ethical, cultural, economic, and environmental considerations.

In our state-of-the-art lab, learners are immersed in the rich tapestry of scientific disciplines including physics, biology, and chemistry. This hands-on experience, coupled with theoretical instruction, equips them with a nuanced understanding of the world we inhabit and its biological systems.

Our science curriculum doesn’t just teach science; it molds problem-solvers, cultivates mathematical proficiency, and enlightens students on the transformative role science plays in society.


Design Technology at Willows Prep is a journey into creativity, responsibility, and global thinking. Our course empowers students to see the world as a canvas for innovative solutions, fostering a deepened appreciation for design and technology’s role in creating a sustainable future.

Rooted in inquiry and problem-solving, our approach guides students in analyzing problems, developing viable solutions, and evaluating their effectiveness. Students independently create a range of solutions, from models and prototypes to full systems, while maintaining a strong ethical focus.

and Societies

At Willows Prep, our coursework in Individuals and Societies weaves together multiple disciplines in an innovative, interdisciplinary exploration of the humanities. We inspire students to view themselves as compassionate global citizens, nurturing a deep respect and understanding of our interconnected world.

We champion an immersive, inquiry-based approach to learning. Students actively engage in the collection, description, and analysis of societal data, cultivating the skills necessary to test hypotheses and interpret complex information, including original source material. The result? Our students don’t just learn about society – they learn how to critically engage with it, nurturing an intellectual curiosity that transcends the classroom.

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