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College Counseling

Navigating unique journeys to higher education with tailored support and empowerment.

At Willows Prep, each student’s unique college journey is supported by a comprehensive counseling program. Students receive personalized guidance to align their passions and interests with college and career aspirations, promoting self-reflection and expression as they navigate towards higher education.


Navigating the Journey

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At Willows Prep, our college counseling blends strategic support with an understanding of each student’s ambitions. We assist throughout high school, addressing queries and empowering parents to back their children.

Central to our guidance is ‘fit’. We help students pinpoint colleges that resonate with their academic accomplishments, aspirations, and values, honoring the distinct potential of our diverse student body.


Complementing our personalized counseling, we grant students and parents access to Scoir, a college admissions network providing additional insights. Our experienced faculty, deeply versed in the dynamics of college admissions, provide unique, timely advice.

Beyond this, our goal extends to instilling confidence and a sense of accomplishment, ensuring students are prepared not only for college but for future life success.

A Comprehensive Approach

College Selection at Willows Prep

The journey to college at Willows Prep is well-structured, with a timeline of activities across 8th to 12th grades. These orchestrated milestones aid students in discovering their strengths, interests, and identifying colleges that best align with their aspirations.

Understanding Self, Maintaining Academic Excellence

In the early years, students focus on understanding their strengths and maintaining strong academic performance. Our students are enrolled in a wide range of IB courses, ensuring they receive an all-rounded education while focusing on their core subjects.

Extracurricular Exploration and Involvement

Simultaneously, they are encouraged to explore and participate in a diverse range of activities. These can include sports, social groups, or volunteer work, providing a well-rounded profile for future college applications.

Aiding the College Selection Process: Tools and Resources

To facilitate the process, we introduce students to tools like Scoir for tracking experiences and accomplishments, and they begin regular meetings with their college counselor. This period also sees the initiation of standardized test preparations and early college visits.

Balancing Advanced Academics and Continued Involvement

As juniors, students continue their engagement in extracurricular activities and maintain their academic performance amidst more challenging IB Diploma Program classes.

College Selection, Tests, and Applications

They attend college representative visits, further narrow down their list of prospective colleges, and strategize their standardized testing plans. For athletes, this year also involves registration with the NCAA Clearinghouse or NAIA schools.

Summer Utilization

Summers offer an excellent opportunity to enhance your credentials. We guide students to find valuable volunteer or internship opportunities during this break.

The College Application Process

Senior year is the culmination of the journey. Students finalize their list of schools, make necessary test registrations, and participate in our College Boot Camp to solidify their application materials, including essays and recommendation letters.

Financial Planning and Aid

Understanding and planning for the financial aspects of college is also a crucial part of this year. Students are guided through the process of filling out the FAFSA or WASFA, and the CSS Profile where applicable.

Post-Application Period and Beyond

Post-application, students have time to reflect, explore further opportunities, and prepare for the transition to higher education. More information about this stage will be provided as the academic year progresses.

Poojha Daryanani

Director of College Counseling



(425) 380-5670

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