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Middle School

Nurturing growth and independence in grades 5 – 8.

Middle School at Willows Prep is a vibrant space where learners in grades 5 through 8 not only embark on a journey of self-discovery and passion cultivation, but also build positive peer relationships in a supportive environment. As they navigate this crucial stage, our students gain a solid sense of self, refine their interests, and discern their place in our ever-changing world.


Middle School


Our MYP curriculum is designed to provoke intellectual curiosity and inspire students to make practical connections between their studies and real-world contexts. By encouraging students to step out of their comfort zones and take academic risks, we cultivate a culture of innovation and resilience.

21st Century Skills for a Future-Ready Generation

Our curriculum embeds language studies and technology, ensuring that our students acquire the vital skills needed in the 21st-century. Our commitment to developing well-rounded, globally conscious learners prepares them to navigate and shape the future effectively.

The International Baccalaureate®

Middle Years Programme (MYP)

The MYP at Willows Prep aims to develop active learners and internationally minded individuals who empathize with others and pursue lives of purpose. We underscore the importance of ‘learning how to learn’, enabling students to take intellectual risks and make practical connections between their studies and real-world scenarios.

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Middle School


At Willows Prep, we emphasize the emotional and social well-being of our learners. Our educators serve as mentors, creating a nurturing environment that helps students explore their identities and build positive relationships. We prioritize recognizing and fostering each student’s unique talents and interests.


At Willows Prep Middle School, we connect our learners to the world. Through the International Schools Partnership (ISP), students engage in diverse global experiences, fostering friendships and broadening cultural understanding. From the ISP Model United Nations to ‘I am an ISP Scientist,’ our international programs cultivate global citizens ready for life.

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