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A recent survey of 1,017 adults aged 18 and older found that 71% regarded independent private schools as being good or excellent, while 63% of respondents said the same of church-affiliated private schools. Despite this high regard, there are still many people who don’t know why a private middle school would be favored over a public option. To help give you a better idea, here is what you need to know.

Smaller Classes and Stronger Relationships

In a private middle school you will find much smaller class sizes when compared to a public school of the same grade. Because of this, both students and teachers have a better opportunity to get to know each other better, leading to stronger relationships. This can create a sense of community that public schools often lack. The main benefit of this is that children, parents, and teachers are much more likely to be invested in the overall well-being of the school as a whole, which creates a healthier atmosphere for everyone.

Parental Involvement

Along with the above, there are also more opportunities for parents to get involved when they send their child to a private middle school. This can create a bond between parents, teachers, and administrators that can also benefit the school as a whole. Additionally, by having extra parental involvement, private schools are also more likely to be safer than public alternatives.


Safety in schools is a major concern for many parents and, thankfully, private schools can deliver. Because they have such a tight-knit community, safety is much easier to come by as teachers will be much more likely to identify and stop bad behavior such as bullying. By doing this, students will be able to focus more on their studies instead of being afraid to go to school due to harassment or bullying.

More Resources

Lastly, a private middle school is also much more capable of providing the resources that all children need to learn effectively. For example, many private schools feature libraries, computer labs, art studios, and a large assortment of extracurricular activities that all students can take part in.

If you’re wondering why so many parents choose public schooling over private, keep these benefits in mind and consider speaking with your local school if you are interested in enrolling your child.

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