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The main building block of a good prep school is the teaching staff. Being a teacher isn’t an easy job, and prep schools must choose teachers with many different qualities. The best preparatory schools understand this and look for educators with a range of abilities. Here are five qualities of fantastic teachers at the best preparatory schools.

1. Thorough Knowledge

Good teachers at prep schools are knowledgeable about the curriculum. They can clearly explain and break down complex topics in a way that students find easy to comprehend. With a thorough understanding of the subject matter, teachers can answer any questions their pupils may have.

2. Dedication

Great teachers at prep schools go beyond what’s required of them, dedicating their time to helping their students in any way they can. They’re passionate about providing the best education for their pupils and may often stay late or come in early to help those who need it.

3. Patience

Patience allows teachers to work with students at all levels of understanding and be able to provide extra help when needed. They understand that all students won’t be at the same level. This understanding allows them to take more time with some students while maintaining professionalism.

4. Flexibility

Teachers at the best preparatory schools must also be flexible. They can adjust their teaching methods appropriately depending on the needs of their students. Students in prep school come from various backgrounds and have different learning styles. Because of this diversity, a flexible teacher will be able to reach each student in the best way possible.

5. Passion

The most successful teachers at prep schools have a genuine passion for education and helping students reach their full potential. They make the lessons enjoyable for their pupils, stimulating them to learn more about the subject.

Because of these five qualities, many parents at the best preparatory schools are happy with their child’s school compared to those in public schools. According to the Council for American Private Education, 80% of parents with children enrolled in religious private schools and 82% of those in other private schools reported being “very satisfied” with their child’s school. In comparison, about half of the parents with kids in public schools respectively felt the same way.

This data can be attributed to the fantastic teachers at prep schools. These teachers provide their students with a sound education and help them reach their full potential. With these qualities, they can get the most out of each student, ensuring success in all areas of learning. Give us a call today at Willows Preparatory School to learn more about our fantastic teachers.

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