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Did you know that one in four schools is a private school? Not only that, but many of those private schools have individual concentrations and angles. For example, some private schools are religious, some focus on the arts, and some are international schools. If you’ve never attended an international school, you may be uncertain about what it has to offer your children. But there are many benefits to attending an international school, beyond what it has to offer in terms of academic excellence.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why people send their children to an international school is that it makes them more worldly. They find it easier to travel the world and be independent, often seeing visiting other countries and interacting with people from other nations less intimidating. The question is, how does attending an international school make worldliness more attainable? Let’s find out.

1. An International Student Body

Children from across the country are welcome to attend international schools. However, they have also been made specifically with an international student body in mind. Typically, international students (whose parents are often temporarily in the country for work or other obligations) will attend international schools because it is easier for them to adjust. Your child can meet kids from other countries, befriend them, and make worldly connections that will potentially last for a lifetime.

2. International Teachers

Another major benefit of having your child attend an international school is that they can learn from international teachers. International schools prioritize hiring teachers who hail from other countries, and it’s often expected for the faculty to change quite often on this basis. Just as with their international peers, your children can learn a lot from international teachers.

3. Foreign Language Classes

When a child learns how to speak a foreign language from a young age (which makes it easier for them to develop fluency) they have an undeniable advantage in the world. Knowing Spanish in the United States can make them more competitive for future jobs, and knowing languages like German or Mandarin can prepare them for business across the world.

The important thing about attending an international school is that it can make students more aware of the world around them, and more understanding of cultural differences. They’ll develop skills and confidence that will take them around the world!

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