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As children progress through school, one of the main concerns of parents involves getting them ready for life after high school. For this reason, many parents opt to enroll their children in private schools. Local preparatory schools can provide an education tailored specifically to prepare children for college. If you are a parent in the Redmond, WA area, here are reasons to consider a prep school.

Rigorous Curriculum

Local preparatory schools have rigorous instruction compared to public schools. Classes are more demanding and challenging for students. The heavy workload on students puts them in a greater position to handle the demands of a college classroom. Plus, students are exposed to more research, problem-solving, and communication skills to give them a greater edge in a college setting.

Personalized Instruction

Preparatory schools have smaller class sizes, which gives teachers more time to work with individual students. Teachers can also give students feedback more often and help them develop the critical thinking skills they’ll need in college. This personalized instruction makes private preparatory schools ideal for those looking to fully prepare their children for college. The bar is set higher, and students are expected to meet certain standards at local preparatory schools.

College and Career Readiness

Many young students are unsure of what major they want to select or what college to attend. Preparatory schools have dedicated counselors and teachers who specialize in helping students make decisions about college. Instructors also work with students to develop résumés, practice interview skills, and offer advice on balancing school and extracurriculars. Students enrolled in private prep schools are better prepared for college applications, the admissions process, and their future career paths. It’s a great benefit, as not many students attend a private school.

There are several advantages to local preparatory schools that other options can’t provide. With smaller class sizes, more personalized instruction, and a rigorous curriculum, your child will be college-ready by the time they graduate. It’s a terrific way to ensure your child is well-prepared for the next steps in their life. Contact us for more information about enrolling your child in an educational program that will prepare them for college and beyond!

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