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Public schools are funded through state income and property taxes, but what about their counterparts? Private institutions offer students a high-quality education, which includes a variety of extracurriculars, college prep, and more. If you’re considering where to send your child, here’s how the best preparatory schools are funded.

Public Funding

Generally speaking, private schools don’t receive any public funding from the state in which they’re located. With that being said, there are certain types of privately-run institutions that may be eligible for public funding in some states. In these cases, they would receive funding through similar sources as public ones, including income and property taxes.


When it comes to privately-run institutions, a lot of funding comes from tuition. The best preparatory schools will charge tuition for each student who attends, and that money goes toward funding everything offered to its students. This funding is also used to pay salaries, fund extracurricular programs, and more. When you pay tuition, you’re paying for your child to receive a top-notch education!


A sizeable portion of private school funding comes from direct donations. Community members and alumni often donate to academies to make sure children in the community can get excellent educational experiences. While these donations can vary quite a bit, they are fairly common.

In some cases, a school may receive funding from another organization it’s affiliated with. Some are run by non-profit organizations or religious groups, and those establishments often funnel money into the schools to improve them. Some of the most popular privately-run institutions in the country are run by non-profit or religious agencies.


It’s not uncommon for academies to use fundraisers to raise money, and they are often supported by the community and alumni. Fundraising can also be a good way to teach students valuable life skills while volunteering their time and raising money for opportunities they can take advantage of!

When it comes to maximizing your child’s education, choosing one of the best preparatory schools in your area can give your child the skills they need to succeed throughout their life. Contact Willows Preparatory School today to learn more about how we’ll prepare your child for a bright future!

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