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A private school in Redmond offers students many benefits compared to a public school. Many private elementary and secondary schools focus on college preparation, and students who graduate go on to college. The curriculum in private schools focuses on preparing students for higher-level education and many diverse subjects.

Academics at Private Schools

Private schools are more independent; some offer elementary and secondary education to prepare students for college. They offer science, math, social studies, English, art, music, and physical education courses. Many private secondary school students are 50% more likely to take IB course courses in math and science than public schools. Many use multiple technology sources to teach the courses: computers, 3D printing, and tablets. The International Baccalaureate Program offers global workshops for students to attend in their field of interest. This program is provided in some private schools in Redmond from Pre-K-5 and continues in secondary school. Their diverse courses encourage achievement and learning.

Smaller Classes

Private schools have smaller classes and better teacher-to-student ratios. Teachers can spend more time helping your child learn and meet individual needs. When they struggle with a subject, they will not be ignored but get the help they need to learn. They can spend more time with individual students and provide tutoring and extra services that other schools may not have.

More Exposure to The Arts

Private schools have more freedom to create art programs and have the money to put on elaborate plays, plan field trips, and study artists and writers. They do not have to stick to a rigid, planned curriculum. Some offer specialized courses in theater, filmmaking, photography, writing, music, and art that public schools do not provide. Private schools can plan more specialized programs for their students. They have more funds for public education because parents pay tuition for their children to attend there. They often provide more field trips and special events.

Community and Parent Involvement

Private schools have more parent involvement. They are often involved in planning activities and meeting with teachers about their children’s progress in school. They usually have more community involvement. Often, kids can participate or volunteer in the community to learn a skill or help others. This might be volunteering at a hospital, a community organization that works with kids, or helping the elderly. There are more field trips to local businesses to help students learn about how a business is run.

These are some benefits of attending a private school in Redmond. Private schools can offer students a more diverse and well-balanced learning experience.

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