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Math is a fundamental component of everyone’s life, and children should learn how to become better at it at a young age. Yet sometimes math can be tough for children, especially those in high school. However, research reveals that your child can perform better in math at school with extra practice at home. According to U.S. News, more than 54% of students achieve a better proficiency level in math compared to 50% in reading. As a parent, you can also improve your child’s math skills. Here are tips on how to do so.

Begin With the Basics

It can be difficult for your child to grasp complex math concepts if they do not understand the basics. Therefore, you should first ensure that your child is familiar with fundamental concepts like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. This basic arithmetic forms the foundation for understanding more complex math concepts.

Encourage Problem Solving Skills

The main reason your child is not better at math is a lack of problem-solving ability. While you can teach your child to master math formulas, this may not help solve complex problems. Therefore, it would be best to look for opportunities for your child to practice solving various math problems by thinking through and understanding the problem. Doing this will encourage their creativity and help them think outside the box.

Make Learning Math Fun

Your child can quickly get bored with math if they do not like it. So, you should find creative ways to make math fun, such as playing games, puzzles, and using visual aids. Turning math problems into a play helps your child create a positive attitude towards it and encourages them to use their reasoning ability to solve problems.

Encourage Them to Practice More Often

Practice makes perfect. By practicing math more often, your child can get better at it. If you have a child in prep school, it is vital that you set a target for them to complete a few math problems a day to help reinforce what they have learned.

Helping your child improve math skills at home can go a long way in boosting their academic performance. Begin today by reaching out to us to help you with more information on math improvement tips.

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