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High school is a rite of passage for every teenager. As a parent in Redmond, WA, you may be stressing over whether you should enroll your teen in a private or a public school. Public and private high schools differ greatly in academic offerings, cost, and college prep. Let’s learn more about how they differ.

Academic Offerings

Your private local preparatory school typically has more rigorous academics than public high schools. They also offer a variety of advanced courses and extracurriculars that may not be available in their public counterparts. The classes can include a wide range of disciplines including fine arts, foreign languages, science, and technology. Private schools can also provide better student-teacher ratios where students can get more individual instruction and attention.

Cost and Involvement

Attending public high school is free for students, but funding comes from tax dollars. However, parents pay private school tuition annually. Since parents have to pay for private education, they have more of a say in what courses and activities their child should participate in. Parents are also more equipped to become involved in private schools, as they’re given more opportunities to volunteer in classrooms, sit on school committees, and more.

Preparation for College

A private school usually provides better preparation for college than public high schools. Private school teachers are generally more specialized and experienced in their career fields than public school teachers. As a result, they can provide personalized guidance to help local preparatory school students apply for college, giving them an edge. Additionally, private institutions often offer tailored courses to prepare students for college exams.

Alumni Network

Students in private high schools have a larger alumni network than public high schools to pull from. Teenagers can benefit from professional, social, and financial connections of graduates. On the other hand, a typical public school alumnus may not be as involved.

In 2020, about 14.96 million students were enrolled in public high schools, compared to 1.3 million enrolled in private ones. The differences between a private and a public high school are numerous, with preparation for college, expenses, academics, and alumni networks being some of the most prominent. Ultimately, parents in Redmond must decide what’s best for their high school students. If you have questions about the benefits of a preparatory school, contact our staff for more information.

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