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When it comes to education, students now have more choices than perhaps ever before. Besides public institutions, there is a variety of private institutions, including international schools, that students can attend. Let’s dive deeper into the latter and learn about how they can be defined as well as their benefits.

Understanding Academic Standards

Education standards and curriculums can vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In some cases, local governments are strapped for resources, and as a result, the quality of education suffers. In other cases, the local quality of education is good, but differences in the curriculum can make it difficult for students from other countries and jurisdictions to fit in. Fortunately, international schools can make it easier for students to continue learning. These institutions tend to offer a similar curriculum to alike programs. For families on the move, this can reduce disruptions in education.

Get to Know the Benefits

By attending an international school in Redmond, the student may be able to continue with a curriculum that is more similar to the one they enjoyed at their international program in Berlin. Ultimately, this can lead to better outcomes for the student. Consider, for example, that 54 percent of students at the International Preparatory School scored at or above the proficient math levels, while 50 percent scored at or above for reading.

Defining This Education Program

There’s no one set definition for a program like this. However, the International Association of School Librarianship has put together criteria for these schools, encompassing the following:

  • An international, “mobile” student body, often with students hailing from countries around the world.
  • This student body will often be multicultural and multilingual, yet English is typically the main language or at least one of the primary languages. This helps students from different backgrounds communicate with one another.
  • The institutions are accredited by the Council of International Schools or a similar body.
  • An international curriculum is in place, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, and is similar to the curriculum found in similar schools the world over.

Ultimately, students coming from other countries may be best served by attending this kind of academic structure. We welcome families already present in Redmond or who are relocating from abroad to contact Willows Preparatory School to learn more.

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