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Almost 11 million American students were enrolled in private schools in 2018, according to Statista. There are a variety of private schools to choose from, each with its own unique advantages. However, many parents and students may wonder if a private education offers more academic opportunities than public schools do. To answer this question, it’s important to understand the differences between private and public schools. Here’s what you need to know.

More Resources

Compared to the average public school, a private school has access to more resources. These additional resources may include private funding, smaller class sizes, and more experienced teachers. As a result, private prep schools often have more money to spend on resources, which can lead to better educational opportunities for students.

Advanced Classes

Due to their smaller class sizes and more experienced teachers, private prep schools may offer more advanced classes than public schools. These advanced classes can give students a chance to get ahead academically and prepare for college. In addition, private prep schools may offer more Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses than public schools.

Extracurricular Activities

Students often have more extracurricular activity options in private education than in public education. These activities can include sports, clubs, and community service projects. Extracurricular activities can help students learn new skills, make friends, and explore their interests. They can also look great on college applications and are a step in gearing students toward their future careers.

College Applications

Some private schools may offer college counseling services to help students with the college application process. Such services can include help with choosing the right schools, writing essays, and filling out applications. College counseling services can give private school students a leg up when it’s time to apply to college.

School Alumni

The alumni network of a private school can also offer students advantages. Alumni can provide mentorship, internships, and job opportunities. They can also be a great resource for college advice and recommendations. Such networks can give private school students an edge when it comes to getting into college and finding jobs after graduation.

A private school setting can offer more resources, advanced classes, extracurricular activities, college counseling services, and access to school alumni networks than public schools can. While private schools may not be the right fit for everyone, they can offer students more academic opportunities than public schools. If you think your child can benefit from a private education setting, start looking into private prep schools in your area. Contact us at Willows Preparatory School today to set up a visit.

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