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Is your child about to finish eighth grade? As you decide on the next best environment, look into private academies. There are more than 30,000 individual private schools in the United States alone as of 2021, according to U.S. News. Here is what you can expect from a curriculum in these institutions.

Second Language

Does your child already speak a second language, or are they interested in acquiring one? In private high schools, your child is in a perfect environment to become a polyglot. In many cases, your child may have the opportunity to take more than one foreign language and engage in immersion.


Courses emphasizing rigorous science, technology, engineering, and mathematics courses are readily available at the best private high schools. These academies have the resources to teach kids and allow them to guide themselves through innovative projects in small groups while fostering their own learning.

The Arts

While the arts are often the first to go in public districts, they’re still valued in academies. After all, private educators understand that when children are allowed to be creative, it fosters true innovation. When your mind is open creatively, it’s much more likely to learn a vast number of subjects. Therefore, students may get their inner Picasso on during traditional art classes. They may also benefit from the cognitive enhancement and focus that comes with learning a musical instrument.

College Prep

Have dreams of your child going to college? If so, private high schools will also have college prep courses and counseling available. Your teen will have plenty of time to prepare for higher education studies as well as apply to their universities of choice with the proper assistance.

International Connections

Many private high schools understand the value of connecting their students with those in other settings, both domestically and abroad. International programs are part of many top institutions, as these programs allow kids to make friends across cultural boundaries. It also emphasizes greater cultural awareness, so they can become more well-rounded adults who are world citizens.

As you can see, private academies invest in the best curricula for their students. They prepare students to be well-rounded and to achieve thriving careers and lives as adults. To learn more about what our program can offer you, contact Willows Preparatory School for a tour today.

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