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High school is an essential time in a teenager’s life. This period lays the groundwork for a positive future. Many high schoolers now offer IB programs to help students lay the foundation necessary for their future. Here are a few ways these programs give students the groundwork they need.

Global Perspective

Students explore things from a more diverse perspective. This helps students learn how the world is connected and about global issues. Learning more about the world encourages students to develop diversity awareness and empathy. Having a diverse perspective helps students broaden their horizons.

Rigorous Schedule

Students in high school IB programs often have a different schedule and coursework than others in a different program. This classwork helps give these students an advantage when competing for university spots.

Personal Growth

High school IB programs challenge students academically and personally. Students are given multiple opportunities to grow as a person. IB schools typically do this through volunteer opportunities and other community service projects. These programs often have smaller class sizes, offering students more one-on-one time with teachers if they need personal help.

Critical Thinking

High school IB programs encourage various skills, including critical thinking skills. Students are encouraged to research and analyze data when writing reports or working on projects together. These necessary thinking skills are further encouraged through conflict resolution, various tasks, and by participating in problem-solving activities in class.

Higher Education

IB programs and schools are often recognized by higher education establishments worldwide. These schools and programs are known for having higher standards for education, encouraging personal growth, and ensuring students are well-rounded. This helps prepare students for higher education and looks exceptional on college applications.

Time Management

Students are not always required to learn time management in the classroom, but they often have to so they can complete assignments on time. Students will learn how to prioritize tasks to ensure everything is completed. This requires considering how much time a project will take and more. Time management skills will last students a lifetime.

In 2020, about 14.96 million kids attended public high schools, compared to 1.3 million attending private high schools, according to Statista. If you want your student to be a part of a great private education program, reach out today. Our small class sizes help our teachers focus on your child building the foundation necessary for success. Contact us to schedule a tour today.

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