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The best private high schools are well-known for their rigorous academic standards and high graduation rates. According to School & Student Service, private institutions had a 96.4% graduation rate at the end of the 2018-2019 school year compared to a public school graduation rate of 86%. Many private institutions also encourage participation in the ISP Model United Nations event because it offers many benefits. Read here to learn more about the skills a typical high school student can develop in this kind of event.

Global Issues

This world conference exposes students to various global issues. Students will be able to learn about issues that impact the world, such as the economy or climate change. This helps young individuals understand the complexities of worldwide problems and allows them to hear various viewpoints.

Enhance Skills

The best private high schools know the importance of developing various skills, including debate and public speaking skills. Participating in the ISP Model United Nations event encourages students to speak their minds tactfully. They’ll learn about debating issues and expressing different viewpoints diplomatically, a necessary skill for many.

Articulate Ideas

High schoolers are constantly developing ideas and perspectives that they must learn to articulate diplomatically. This skill can be complicated for students to learn because it’s essential not to become overwhelmed by strong emotions in a debate context. Events like this one allow them to practice this skill.

Critical Thinking

Working with other high schoolers to learn about and solve real-world problems is essential for developing critical thinking skills. Attending this event allows students to challenge themselves and develop critical thinking skills. This can help them discover new ways to solve problems, a skill that will quickly translate to difficulties in the classroom and workplace.

Cultural Understanding

The ISP Model United Nations event brings together children from various cultures and countries throughout the world to engage with one another and work together. The best private high schools know that it’s essential to develop an inclusive mindset that is understanding of other cultures. This event will help students learn to view things differently and understand different cultures.

We understand the importance of students developing various skills to enjoy a successful life. High schoolers will learn cultural empathy and how to properly articulate their thoughts through various events and activities. Contact Willows Preparatory School today to learn more.

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