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IB schools continue to increase in popularity as many parents learn the excellent benefits of these schools. According to the International Baccalaureate, from 2018 to 2022, worldwide IB programs increased by 34.2%. One way that these schools excel is by offering more worldwide opportunities. The ISP Film Festival is the latest opportunity that teens and parents are excited about. This article will review everything you need to know.


The ISP Film Festival is a fantastic opportunity for teens ages 13-18. The festival is a months-long program that lasts from November to July and offers teens the opportunity to learn everything they need to know about filmmaking, including post-production tips and tricks. Students will work alongside well-known names in the industry to develop excellent skills.


At the end of the festival, there is an awards ceremony. Students will be given awards for six common film categories. This ceremony is open to everyone involved, including the entire film crew. It allows students to showcase their skills and receive an award for their months of hard work. However, this ceremony often marks the end of the event of a lifetime for these talented filmmakers.


Participating in the ISP Film Festival offers many benefits for young individuals enrolled in IB schools. Teens will use some of the skills they’ve already developed, such as critical thinking and analyzing, to learn how to create a film. They will enjoy using modern technology and learn about its role in filmmaking. Teens will work with one another in a collaborative environment, just like they would have to if they were on a film crew.


Students have access to something they don’t have elsewhere when they attend this event: professional mentorship. Professionals from the world of filmmaking will work with students during inspiration sessions to help guide their filmmaking sensibilities. They will also receive feedback that can help them become their best version.

As one of the best IB schools in the Bellevue area, we understand the importance of giving your child every opportunity to succeed. We work with you to find excellent opportunities, including ISP options. Contact Willows Preparatory School today to learn more. We’ll happily work with you to explain our curriculum or give you a tour of our facilities.

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