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Private Middle Schools

The preteen years are packed with social activities. Students in private middle schools spend time exploring the latest social media apps and getting together after school. However, students must prioritize study time. According to the International Baccalaureate, the MYP requires at least 50 hours of teaching per subject group yearly. Students must study to keep up. This article will detail some of the best ways to help your preteen make more time to study.

Set Aside Time

Many students can excel when they follow a schedule. Purchase a planner for your child, and sit down with them to block out specific times to spend studying. This can help your preteen prioritize studying. They can also change those blocks to coordinate social events, ensuring they have time for both.

Stay Actively Involved

Students who understand school is a top priority are more likely to excel academically. Parents involved with the school and their child’s school work show students that school is essential. Volunteer during school events, join volunteer groups, and attend conferences to ensure that children understand the importance of school.

Create Study Space

Preteens are often easily distracted. It can be challenging to focus on studying when they want to watch TV, siblings are around, or the family is doing something fun. Avoid distractions by creating a dedicated study area. The kitchen table is a great place away from televisions and video games. Consider putting a desk in the living room and turning off electronics during study time.

Time Management

Time management is crucial to ensure preteens study. Private middle schools often encourage children to practice time management, but parents can also help students learn these skills. An hourly planner is a beautiful tool to help preteens learn how to manage time. Parents can work with their children to understand what they should prioritize and how much time to spend on each task.

A Reward System

Many preteens still do well with a consistent reward system in place. This system should be based on your individual child and their academic goals. For example, you may tell your preteen that if they raise a grade to a B, they will get to go to the salon for the day. Work with your child to develop the system to ensure they agree with the goals and rewards to increase effectiveness.

Private middle schools like Willows Preparatory School are well-known for rigorous academics. Studying is crucial to ensuring children don’t fall behind. Contact us for more information about how we can support your child’s learning.

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