Socio-Emotional Counseling Program

Welcome to the WPS Socio-Emotional Counselor Corner

Being a middle- and high-schooler is a difficult transition period as students are developing rapidly while defining and redefining their identities in expansive ways. It is a time for changing, growing and learning in an environment that supports and understands this. Willows provides an integrated student-support system that addresses every student’s academic, social, as well as emotional needs. Our faculty are experts in working with this age group and can support pupils (and their parents/guardians) throughout all the changes of adolescence.

Working and collaborating with students is one of my favorite things and getting to know our pupils is my highest goal; this aids me in catering to the learners of the WPS student body, specializing curriculum for the needs to individual students and ensuring those who need support receive it. As Willow’s socioemotional counselor I serve 5th-12th graders assisting with personal development and wellness guiding students through development of the adolescent brain, body, and mind.

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who specialize in the developmental, emotional, and psychological needs of middle and high-school students, with additional specialization in Giftedness, Twice-Exceptionality and other neurodiversities. Mental Health Counselors are trained mental health professionals who are able to confidentially assist students with a wide variety of topics, consult with parents and guardians, and provide outside referrals. In addition to setting up appointments with the counselor, students can visit the counselor’s office to emotionally regulate or recharge, take a break to chat with the counselor about minor or major things.

As your school counselor, my hope is to make challenging times a little less stressful for you. On this page you will find multiple resources that are available to you and intended to help you support your student and facilitate conversations around important topics. Please reach out if you have questions or individual concerns. I am happy to provide support and more specific information upon request.

All services listed on this page are free and available to all students and families on a short-term basis.

What does a school counselor do?

As a school counselor, I serve the needs of ALL students.
I provide individual counseling (on a case by case basis), group counseling (also on a case by case basis), and classroom guidance lessons (for every class). I provide guidance and support for students experiencing social-emotional, academic, or future planning issues or concerns. And, in the classroom, I facilitate lessons on topics such as: bullying prevention, empathy, kindness, social skills, identifying emotions, coping skills (eg. anxiety, depression, stress), study skills, and career readiness.

Additionally, I collaborate with key stakeholders, such as: administration, teachers, parents/caregivers, and community agencies and leaders to identify concerns/issues and work together toward goals and solutions.

When can my student/child meet with you?

I am on campus at Willows Preparatory School every day of the school week. I meet with students by class and section once a week (6th-8th grade), 9th-12th graders are seen when they choose or as referred and I also hold a class with 5th graders once per month.

Will I be notified if my child talks with you?

Students frequently pop in to tell me about relatively minor or time-limited issues. If that happens, I may not notify you unless: there is a safety concern, your child has asked to see me repeatedly, or if the worry or problem is significant (by adult standards).

How do students get to see you?

Students may come to me in a variety of ways. Usually it is by recommendation of the classroom teacher and/or the parent. Often, students may approach me themselves and ask if they can see me to discuss an issue that came up during the day. Students may also ask their teacher or someone in the office to give me a message.

Contact Information:

I can be reached via email at SThompson@willowsprep.com

Once I receive an email from you, if you wish to speak with me via telephone, we can schedule a Teams meeting.

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