fbpx Why Attention to Reading Is Targeted at International Schools

Reading is a fundamental skill that is essential for a successful education. As such, international schools have placed great emphasis on the importance of reading in their curriculums and instruction. Below are some of the many reasons why international schools now focus on this critical learning skill.

Helps Understand Other Subjects

It’s no surprise that reading is essential to understanding other subjects. Students need to be able to read and comprehend texts in order to intimately understand what they are learning in math, science, history, and more. International schools have taken this into account by emphasizing the importance of reading in their curriculums. At The International Preparatory School, 54% of students scored at or above the proficient level for math, while the remaining half of students scored at or above that level for reading.

Improves Understanding of Global Issues

Reading is an important tool for understanding our world. By reading books and articles on global issues, students can gain a better understanding of the world around them. This helps prepare students to become informed citizens who are able to make educated decisions about important issues.

Develops Writing Skills

Reading and writing go hand in hand. Developing strong reading skills allows students to observe quality writing and use their assessments to improve their own writing abilities. Being able to read and comprehend complex texts is essential for understanding how to craft well-written pieces.

Encourages Further Learning

Reading can open the door to further learning. It allows students to explore new topics, form connections between ideas, and develop a better understanding of the world around them. International schools recognize this benefit and thus prioritize reading in their curriculums.

Through reading, students can build critical skills such as writing, understanding global issues, and further exploration beyond what is taught in the classroom. As such, international schools prioritize this skill and focus on developing strong reading habits among their students.

By recognizing the key role that this skill plays in helping students succeed, these institutions strive to provide an environment where students can develop and sharpen their reading abilities. If you’re looking to explore excellent private education programs in the Bellevue area, visit our website today to learn more about admissions and the outstanding IB academic program offered at Willows Preparatory School.

Understanding the Benefits of Attending an International School

international school

One of the hardest decisions you’ll ever make is picking the best school for your child. The various educational curriculum and instructional methods available create a wide array of options, causing making a choice to be a tall order. Every type of school a child can attend has its own benefits, but international schools give their students a more comprehensive education that may be good for their future. Additionally, the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau reports show that private schools, such as international institutions, save taxpayers an estimated $50 billion annually. Below are five more advantages of attending an international school.

1. A Globalized Environment and Diversity

Amazing international schools serve as wonderful mashups of different cultures, ethnicities, and racial backgrounds. Students and teachers from around the world come together to learn and educate. Many international institutions go the extra mile and hold events to highlight their community’s diversity and instill national pride in their students.

2. Superior Facilities

Most international institutions can afford top-notch facilities since they collect tuition. They use modern technology and sports facilities to help kids reach their full potential. Their instructors have access to all the technological resources they require for a stimulating, engaging, and student-centered learning environment. Moreover, these schools go through various accreditation processes to be approved by multiple institutions.

3. Excellent School Values

Students attending international institutions get to explore many cultures, races, and religions and develop a tolerance for and acceptance of variety. They hone their critical thinking skills, acquire compassion, resiliency, and discipline, and form international friendships.

4. Reputation

International schools are widely known for turning out well-rounded students. In addition to their academic work, they also acquire lifelong skills like the capacity to adapt to different cultural settings, knowledge of traditions, and multilingualism. Because of these results, these types of schools are highly reputable.

These are just a few of the advantages that come with attending a school with multinational staff and students. Are you ready to see how our schools can give your child a leg up in the world? Give us a call today at Willows Preparatory School to learn more or enroll your child!

How do private school teachers ensure students keep up with the material?

Did you know, according to The Advocates, one of every four schools is private? A private school is often the number one choice for parents. Why? Private institutions are well known for academic excellence provided by highly qualified teachers. But how do teachers in a private school setting ensure that all the students keep up with the material? Here’s how.

1. They Are Highly Qualified

A private school teacher is well vetted, highly educated in their subject material, and fully licensed to teach. In public schools, many teachers are working on their certifications but have yet to earn them. Teachers at private institutions have formal training that helps them better understand how to reach any and every student. They are ready to ensure their students achieve academic success when they enter the classroom.

2. They Provide Individualized Attention

Private institutions are known for having smaller class sizes. The student-to-teacher ratio is lower than what it is in public schools. This low ratio means the teacher has fewer students in the class, so they have the time to pay attention to each student and their individual educational needs. A private education teacher can provide a lot of one-on-one instruction time for students to ensure they understand the material.

3. They Are Constantly on the Look Out for Struggling Students

A dedicated private institution teacher doesn’t wait until the final grades are coming out to identify a student that needs a little help. These professionals are always looking for ways to help their students succeed in the classroom and in life. They are always there to start early interventions to help a student catch up if necessary.

4. They Set High Expectations and Provide Clear Paths to Meeting Expectations

A private education teacher lets students know expectations and provides them with the tools they need to meet those expectations. Students are never punished or criticized for not understanding the material, they receive help instead. Teachers in private institutions form bonds with their students and make it clear that they are always available to them.

If you have a student struggling to keep up, choosing to send them to a private school is a good solution. Give us a call today at Willows Preparatory School to learn more about how our teachers help students succeed.

How the Best Elementary Schools Shape Children for Their Future Education

Choosing the best elementary school for your child can seem like a daunting task. In fact, according to U.S. News, there are over 30,000 individual private schools in the United States as of 2021! But with the right information, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are four things to keep in mind when making your decision that demonstrate how well an excellent elementary school shapes children for their future education.

Curriculum Is Key

The best elementary schools have a well-rounded curriculum that not only prepares students for the next level of their education but also encourages creativity and critical thinking skills. Private schools often provide diverse extracurricular activities and offer support for individualized learning. Your child will go to middle school with an understanding of how they learn best.

Importance of Social-Emotional Development

In addition to academics, the best elementary schools also focus on social-emotional development. These schools create a safe and nurturing environment where children can build confidence and learn important life skills such as empathy and communication. Learning these skills early on helps children make friends and establish good relationships with their teachers and peers.

A Lifelong Love of Learning Starts Early

The best elementary schools set children up for success long after they graduate. It instills a love of learning and prepares them for the challenges they will face in their future education and beyond. This love of learning instilled early on will ensure your child understands what is expected of them in middle school and beyond. Therefore, the best elementary schools prepare young learners for the rest of their educational careers.

Parent Involvement

If you want to ensure your child has the best elementary school experience possible, it’s important to be an involved and engaged parent. Work with the school, and particularly your child’s classroom teacher, to set goals for your child and establish a plan for their academic success. Encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities and provide support at home by promoting good study habits and a positive attitude toward learning.

Choosing the best elementary school for your child is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Consider all factors, do your research, and trust your instincts. In the end, the best elementary school is one where your child can thrive academically, emotionally, and socially. To learn more, contact Willows Preparatory School today!

The Differences Between Public and Private School When it Comes to Individualized Attention

It’s not really news that private schools offer a better environment and produce typically better outcomes in terms of education than public schools do. This is mainly a result of the individualized attention that’s easier to get in private education than in a public one. If you’d like to know what the specific difference between public and private schools in terms of this individualized attention, read on to get a good idea.

It’s Easier to Keep All Students on the Same Page

In private institutions, it’s easier to make sure that all students are on the same page. This is the main advantage of having smaller class sizes as private institutions do. Rather than move at the pace at which the majority of students are moving, private institutions will make sure that every student is on the same page. It’s easy to do this because it’s teachers can allocate more time to each student when there aren’t too many students to work with.

There’s Improved Conduct

With private education, there’s also a better chance of improving the conduct of the students. This is because, right from the moment when students are being interviewed to join a private school, the standards for those who make the cut tend to be high. Once they’re enrolled, it’s easy to notice if one or a few students are being troublesome and handle it effectively. You’ll therefore find that private institutions have a lower rate of student delinquency and similar issues.

There Are Higher Levels of Motivation

Finally, there are higher levels of motivation in private education. This may be a result of the fact that each student will get more attention from their teachers and be encouraged to do their best. It’s easier to motivate an individual successfully than it is to motivate a group and succeed in getting each person motivated.

These differences between public and private education should make it easy for you to see how a child can benefit from being enrolled in a private school. Ready to give your child the education they deserve, like the 1.3 million students who were enrolled in private high schools in 2020, according to Statista? Give us a call today at Willows Preparatory School to help your child succeed in their future endeavors.